DON’T DO IT, YOU ARE WANTED, YOU ARE NEEDED IN THIS WORLD! I let myself get to the point of suicide and I stepped back, I sought help if you are struggling seek help. If you are struggling, seek help. If you are in a position to offer help, ask "are you ok? But be … Continue reading Suicide


2020! Now I wasn’t expecting that.

This was a new decade, it was the time to start a new year without the resolutions, but with new goals. Well that lasted didn’t it! Within the first month I was told to leave two separate restaurants because of my assistance dog! The first I was resilient and pointed out that they were in … Continue reading 2020! Now I wasn’t expecting that.


In 2016 I was provided with an assistance dog, he was 6 months old and learning to become the most resilient and professional dog that I know and you will know as Ziggy @AssstanceZiggy on social media. Why do I need Ziggy? This is always a good question to ask, firstly because I don't have … Continue reading #NotJustADog