Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

For years people have spoken and used the term ‘work life balance’. What does this mean?
It is described as the balance between that an individual needs between time allocated for work and other aspects of life, including social life, family life and leisure. This list is not exhaustive.

In the UK a full time employee is entitled to 28 days paid leave per year. This differs for part time workers. There is no doubt that the nature of life means that the balance is work, work and life.
As a base 2018 there are 252 working days. Leaving 113 days that are not earmarked as work days. This means that the importance of understanding how to manage your own work life balance and not rely on others, you are the master of your own fate.

This is a fast paced world, you will realise that the most of your time is spent at work so why on earth do we spend forever looking for the work life balance when we should be focusing on a life balance!
Its time to change, I can’t tell you how to do it, there is unsurmountable amount of people out there who claim to be able to change your life. You are the only person that can change this yes YOU!

Lets change this talk of work life balance and focus on enjoying life, happiness breeds happiness much as negativity breeds negativity. I am not saying spend your life working I am saying spend your life enjoying your days, they are finite.
Life can be rough at times there is no doubt but you should never give up. We arrive in this world screaming naked and helpless, you can make the path to death your own crucially never give up.

Finally if you need help to feel good then seek it, if you feel good share it we are in this together. Make life good not just a balance.


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