Richard Mearns served as a Combat Medical Technician British Army, in 2009 as a result of his military service hw was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder “PTSD” after a visit to Combat Stress.

in 2010 PTSD would take Richard to the brink of suicide, he prepared and planned but was brought back from the brink.

Richard is now partnered with a a PTSD assistance dog named Ziggy, since having Ziggy by his side he has gone from strength to strength. He has battled on with his PTSD and learnt how to use the resilience he gained in the military.

As an advocate for mental health and discrimination Richard openly challenges the stigma of mental health and talks openly on how resilience and positive growth mindset changed his direction.

Richard stands up for discrimination and has appeared on the News and in podcasts talking about his experience, he continues to share his story and inspire others to work with their mental health and not fear their demons but to use them positively

Richard recently (14/11/18) spoke about his personal story at my workplace, his story moved everyone. He has inspired me to look at myself and take action to improve my mental health and well-being.

Thank you

Richard shaved his hair off for three charities including

  • The Ambulance Service Charity
  • Heads Together
  • Veterans With Dogs

Including gift aid Richard raised in the region of £1500. Not only did he raise a significant sum for a haircut, he managed to do push his personal mental health and anixiety by completing it live on Facebook, he also got celebrity hairdresser Michael Douglas (BBC One show) to shave it off.

This money is gratefully recieved by the charity and will go to help others who suffer from mental health conditions like PTSD. On their behalf thank you. TASC

It was just a haircut

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