Mental Health at Work

It’s time to change.

It is by no accident that the title of this blog matches that of the announcement by Prince William of the new website .

Holding down employment full time, part time, contractor, zero hours or self employed all add to the inevitable stresses of life. its been a long time coming the need for mental health to be tackled head on.

Charities like Mind, the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) and Head Together have all been working hard to break the stigma and get the conversation started. I am without doubt the campaigns they have run have started the ball rolling.

It is clear that the ball sits firmly in our court now, yes our court not just your employer but us, you as colleagues. You’ll be surprised how simple acts can make the difference, we have all seen the signs and yes if you care about mental health you would have both acknowledged the flyers and spoken about it.

Its the small things that make a difference if you’ve got this far you will have realised that you have a responsibility to make the difference. Remember everyone is different so there is no hard and fast rule in the management of mental health be it yours or someone elses.

Consider some of these;

• Talk about your feelings
• Keep active
• Eat well
• Drink sensibly
• Keep in touch
• Ask for help
• Take a break
• Do something you’re good at
• Accept who you are
• Care about someone.

These are self explanatory for more detail on these vist . Its important to remind yourself that we all have mental health just on a varied scale, if you’re an employer or employee or unemployed think of it like this;

A flame burns brightly alone but if you fail to provide it the resources it needs it will burn out. give it the fuel to keep burning brightly.

I would as a last point thank all involved for making this a hot topic for doing so, thank you.


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