How does the song go ?

Roxaaaaanne you don’t have to put on the red light….

Well, that would be the case if the red light in question wasn’t a Photizo Red Light Therapy light!

Toward the end of 2021 I was introduced to Photizo Vetcare by Anna Webb after I was invited to record an episode for her podcast A Dogs Life.

Amongst other things , Anna and I were talking about my six and a half year old Assistance Dog called Ziggy a bright, bouncy, intelligent and equally daft yellow Labrador . The conversation turned to surgery he had when he was around 11 months old. In 2016 Ziggy was placed with me at six months old, he arrived with all the bounce and excitement of any six month old, however, It was clear that he had an injury. Laying down at every opportunity and a gait that was slightly wonky.  It was something that I needed to keep a close eye on.  

Within the month I was speaking to the vets and within a short timeframe Ziggy was heading to get assessed for potential surgery! This put absolute dread in my mind, this pup had entered my life to become the legend that he now is and my fear that within months he would have to retire. I was in a complete daze.

It was advised to rest and re assess the injury at a later date, limit any exercise and as much rest as possible, certainly easier said than done with a puppy! Returning to the vet it was apparent that the intermittent nature of the injury was just Ziggy self-managing the injury and potential pain.

After the next assessment we were then hit with the news that Ziggy would need a Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy, or TPLO for short.

A TPLO is a form of surgery involving carving a cut in the tibia from the front to the back, this is major surgery that was needed as the cruciate ligament was ruptured and unlikely to heal or have successful surgical intervention.

Since this surgery I have been looking for ways to prevent the potential deterioration or any of the side effects. Ziggy is a solid dog and can manage all sorts of challenges to flights of stairs, elevators or even climbing trees.

After a long walk which can be hours at times with everything from swimming in muddy puddles to jumping logs and climbing trees. All of these have been done with caution while still ensuring that Ziggy remains stimulated.

Anna suggested Photizo from , specifically a hand held red light therapy device that assists in the reduction of inflammation and pain


Now a disclaimer, Ziggy is not in pain, nor does he show any significant signs of discomfort. However he does occasionally a slightly different gait after a long walk, after checking with the vet there are no concerns and it is expected because of the TPLO surgery, and just something to keep an eye on and is a result of fatigue.

After talking to Anna, I turned to Photizo to slow any process and lengthen Ziggy’s healthy happy lifestyle. As ever  I always take things with a  pinch of salt until I have seen the proof with my own eyes. The great  sent me the Photizo device.

I immediately began to use it. So, Instead of writing a blog saying how amazing it was straight away I wanted  to give an honest review several months later after multiple uses and charges.

So, what is the result. Well, Ziggy cant tell me how he feels so I am reliant on the change in his behaviour since using this. I have used it on his knee, his back and pretty much all over his body. After the first few times where he thought I was trying to brush him he figured it out.

After every use Ziggy became more spritely. So I began to use it pre walk and post walk. The subtle change was he happy, after each session it appeared to stimulate him and made him happier, which to be fair, I didn’t think was possible.

I can’t talk to the arthritic perspective but I can say that his movement in his knee is improved, and I will continue to use it in it is clear it makes a difference and I believe having used it that it will stimulate his body to hold off the dreaded arthritis. I have every confidence this is not just a read light. This is a game changer. Dogs are not around for long enough, and Photizo definitely have a product that meets the needs to make life comfortable.

Give it a whirl and have look. When you look at the price remember investing in your pet on products like this that could aid prevention is a lot cheaper than the intervention.



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