Communication beyond the box

Its 2019, the world is in the midst of a political whirlwind. There is no question that the United Kingdom is stepping forwards along with other countries around the world when it comes to its approach to disability. These changes have been more prevalent in the world of mental health, disability and racial discrimination. But what leads to these changes? Is it as simple as one persons opinion or belief? Is it the society change of approach?

There is no hard and fast answer to these changes and it could take years of unpicking to identify the specifics but not impossible. The focus should not be on the unpicking of the changes but developing on the positives that these have brought.
There is a difference in reality, everyone has to deal with different positives and battle through personal negatives. One aspect that seems to be forgotten in the modern world of social media is that there is no normal, there is no perfect. Behind the perfect impression is a true reality some people will openly display this in order to inspire others.

When it comes to the crunch, society brings many challenges. For many years humans have developed means to communicate, language has developed these changes have striated each generation. The times change and words evolve, they begin to be used in different context. Each year new words are selected for dictionaries and other words removed.

The world at any point would fair well from applying a basic theory in their communication style. The most important time to apply this is when you are delivering, receiving or sharing a message. Considering the way you deliver this the medium you do so are all important but the application of the following communication method will contribute to and develop your understanding.

Bataris Box.

This theory stems from conflict management, by understanding it you can develop a technique that meets your respective outcome.

The theory has four components, there is no hard and fast rule where it starts however its constant revolution, it can start at any point and be revisited throughout any communication. To apply this theory you need to consider who, what, how, where, when and why you are delivering a message.

The theory sets out the following;

  • Your attitude affects your behaviour
  • Your behaviour affects their attitude,
  • Their attitude affects their behaviour
  • Their behaviour affects your behaviour.

Understanding these four points will contribute to a more conducive communication.


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